Remember what real is... #24k

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  • Keep It 100

    Known to his family and friends as "Mone," this southwest born and bred Emcee was destined to be an intricate piece of the music scene from the womb.

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  • Got That #tunnelvision

    Sir Trigga has vowed to pit his home state of New Mexico on his back and Rise to Hip Hop Supremacy.

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  • #XXIVk

    The story of hood hardships, trials, and tribulations has been told before, but "It's not what was told, but how it's told." - Sir Trigga

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Sir Trigga Recording Artist/Song Writer Albuquerque NM

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Connecting to his audiance with an original style, Trigga knows the music is the backbone of any number one hit. With influences from ALL genres of music, Sir Trigga has something to offer for all ears, ages, creeds and colors.

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